13 Lies We Must Stop Telling About Bisexual Individuals

13 Lies We Must Stop Telling About Bisexual Individuals

13 Lies We Must Stop Telling About Bisexual Individuals

Originally posted on Mic and cross-posted right here using their permission.

As a proud man that is bisexual for a long time, I’ve had to navigate the complicated gray area that my identification occupies in the sex range.

Despite all the gains the LGBTQIA+ community has made, bisexual individuals are still looked at with confusion — or outright scorn — by gays, lesbians, and right individuals alike. From individuals asking me it all if I was “full-blown gay yet” to people questioning my motivations, I’ve probably heard.

Unfortuitously, the binary thought processes that informs the reasoning of several whom remain unconvinced by the truth of bisexuality fundamentally oppresses everybody through its perpetuation malesexcamly of unflinching heteronormative or homonormative requirements.

Being intimate with somebody of the same intercourse does not suggest you’re homosexual, the same as being intimate with some body regarding the contrary intercourse does not mean you’re straight you fall somewhere in the beautiful, fluid spectrum of sexuality— it just means.

right right Here our company is within the supposedly enlightened year of 2014 – yet, biphobia persists. In no particular purchase, here are some of the very most tiresome lies culture actually has to stop telling concerning the community that is bisexual.

1. “Bisexual individuals don’t exist.”

Here is the lie that is first bisexuality — plus it’s a huge one.

Some within the homosexual and right community merely can’t fathom a sex for which folks are interested in one or more sex. Finally, you can look at the waters, however you must choose a part, the thinking goes.

But people that are bisexual need lesbians and gays to verify or science to show which they occur.

2. “Bisexual individuals are just going right on through a stage.”

Yes, it is a fact that a good amount of gays and lesbians purchased bisexuality being a stepping rock, a method to soften the blow of being released for conservative moms and dads.

The strategies of some should not invalidate the identities of the majority while coming out is an intensely personal decision.

3. “Bisexual folks are intimately greedy.”

Bisexual folks are perhaps maybe not immediately more promiscuous than just about virtually any person — gay or right. Being attracted to significantly more than one sex does offer more possible lovers.

But simply as having an taste that is eclectic wines will not make one an alcoholic, being bisexual will not make you more promiscuous. However, if some one is, there’s absolutely absolutely nothing incorrect with that either. (Let’s perhaps maybe maybe not take part in slut-shaming!)

4. “Bisexual individuals are cheaters.”

A cheater is a cheater.

Bisexual people cheat, and thus do those who identify otherwise.

Their sex does not cause them to cheat; impulse control, bad decision-making skills, or deficiencies in consideration due to their partner do.

5. “All bisexual people are polyamorous.”

While polyamory may stereotypically appear more predominant when you look at the queer community, there’s absolutely no hard information that ties polyamory more straight to the bisexual community than just about every other orientation.

That variety of relationship framework is not attached with any provided sexuality. It’s a choice that is personalas well as some, it is more natural).

6. “Bisexual folks are frightened of dedication.”

Being drawn to both genders doesn’t have such a thing to do with dedication.

Alan Cumming addressed this misconception in a candid meeting a year ago:

“I have a wholesome appetite that is sexual a healthier imagination,” Cumming told Instinct mag. “I nevertheless determine myself as a bisexual and even though i’ve opted for become with give. I’m sexually interested in the feminine kind even I just believe that bisexual men and women have a poor rap. though i will be with a person, and”

7. “All women can be bisexual.”

The sexualization of females knows no bounds in today’s culture that is contemporary.

But simply because mags while the activity industry continue to exploit female hypersexuality in a clear try to offer products does not imply that all females swing both ways a la Shakira and Rihanna in “Can’t don’t forget to Forget You” — sorry Shakira, we’re perhaps maybe not purchasing just what those lying sides are available.

8. “Bisexual folks are drawn to something that techniques.”

Oh, please. Simply because somebody is bisexual does not mean they don’t have actually criteria.

9. “Bisexual folks are just interested in binary genders.”

Respected bisexual activist Robyn Ochs defines bisexuality once the potential “to be attracted — romantically and/or sexually — to folks of multiple intercourse and/or sex, not always at precisely the same time, definitely not in exactly the same way, rather than always to your exact same degree.”

Therefore no, it is perhaps perhaps not concerning the binary, people.

10. “Bisexual individuals spread HIV.”

Guys who’ve intercourse with guys are in a risk that is disproportionate of disease. But that doesn’t make people that are bisexual have actually HIV prone to distribute the disease — using the appropriate precautions is essential aside from your sexual orientation.

Always use protection; know your partner’s status as well as your very very own.

11. “Bisexual individuals live for threesomes.”

Threesomes aren’t a hallmark regarding the bisexual life style.

These are generally simply a choice, just like these are typically for almost any other being that is sexual.

12. “Bi-erasure is a misconception.”

In reality, san francisco bay area Human Rights Commission circulated a report that is 50-page bi-invisibility in the LGBTQIA+ community, showing that the trend is alive and well.

As detailed by the commission, verbiage such as for instance “gay wedding” or “homosexuality” aren’t inclusive and erase bisexual’s identification.

13. “Bisexual individuals are a little community.”

A full 48.9% in 2007, a study of 768 self-identified lesbians, gays and bisexual individuals unearthed that almost half defined as bisexual — that is.

Bisexual people may well not speak down up to their lesbian and homosexual friends and family, but this can be more because of lingering stigmas than it will be strength that is sheer.

It’s here to stay like it or not, the bisexual community is here, and.


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